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We offer programs designed to promote independence in management of your condition through: education, goal setting, guided intervention, and actionable plans designed specifically for you.

Breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Program

Prehab - Before Treatment

  • Individualized treatment plan created with consideration of each patient’s specific survivorship plan

  • Baseline measurements taken before medical interventions

  • Appointments scheduled to promote continuity of care throughout the treatment continuum, and specific to each patient’s survivorship plan

  • Education at each appointment regarding expectations, and safe methods to address functional impairments

During treatment:

  • We provide supportive treatments to address musculoskeletal impairments related to sequelae associated with surgical intervention, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy related impairments (i.e. cancer related fatigue, cancer treatment related pain, lymphedema, loss of range of motion, pain with reaching overhead, weakness, and impaired balance)

  • We support you by providing actionable steps to help you take control of your treatment, and promote confidence in creating the life you want to live after diagnosis

After treatment:

  • We support you on your journey to returning to your pre-diagnosis functional baseline. By starting your journey in the prehabilitation program, we are able to establish baselines and create goals based on pretreatment status.

Swedish Massage

Lymphedema Protocol

Lymphedema is a condition defined as an abnormal accumulation of protein rich fluid causing swelling. Lymphedema can occur in the legs, arms, head, neck, abdomen, or genitals. At Commonwealth Physical Therapy our clinicians have specialty certification as Certified Lymphedema Therapists trained and prepared to treat your swelling. Our treatment protocol follows the gold standard treatment guidelines known as Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT). CDT consists of compression, manual lymphatic drainage, skin care, and exercise. Call/Email us to inquire how we can help you manage your swelling.

The four components of Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT).  

Four components:

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  • We utilize a very specific hands-on technique for lymphatic drainage performed by your therapist to promote movement of fluid to regions of the body unaffected by swelling, in order to assist with drainage of lymphatic fluid


  • Compression therapy is applied via multi-layer bandaging technique to further reinforce fluid decongestion, and prevent re-accumulation

  • We can measure for custom, and ready-made garments. As well as, assist with the ordering process through durable medical equipment providers, or cash pay vendors

Skin Care

  • Patients are educated in optimal skin care regimen to promote healthy skin and reduce risk for infection or wound development


  • Each person is provided with exercise protocol tailored to their independence and tolerance level to assist with movement of fluid in the affected limb, and improve functional mobility

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy/Post Partum 

Coming soon!

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